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Destination Greece

Portugal is one of the Europe’s oldest countries having become independent in 1143.  Located at the southwest corner of Continental Europe it is easily accessible by direct flights from the eastern seaboard of the United States and by connecting service from every major gateway.  Indeed, Portugal’s envious location makes it a perfect choice for international meetings and incentives.

One of the world’s greatest seafaring nations, Portugal came into prominence during the Sixteenth Century’s Age of Discovery.  It was the first nation to discover the Atlantic routes to India, Brazil and China.  At the same time the country established ties with both the east and west coasts of Africa.  Portugal has left evidence of its language and culture in many places. At once spontaneous and generous, the Portuguese also opened themselves up to new cultures and made important contributions to Europe and the world.

Portugal reveals its long and rich history through medieval castles, churches and cathedrals, fortresses and palaces.  In its hotels, pousadas, mansions and manor houses the hospitable people of Portugal entertain with both historic tradition and sophistication.  For such a small country, Portugal’s sheer variety of landscapes is both surprising and captivating.  It is blessed with gentle sunshine the whole year round and is bordered from south to north by clean, blue ocean waters.

Portugal is paradise.  Centuries of history, modern shopping, challenging golf courses, sandy beaches, port towns, and acclaimed cuisine are just the beginning.  The real heart of Portugal is its people: warm, friendly, helpful and caring.

Far from conventional, our innovative tailor-made programs to this vibrant European destination will insure your attendees’ excitement and your group’s success.  Our services include:

  • Operation professionals with over 20 years of quality program management
  • Offices in key areas for total program support
  • Programming flexibility to meet your exacting standards and needs
  • Strong relationships for increased buying power
  • Fully licensed and bonded for your financial security








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