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Destination Greece

What better place to convene your next group program than the birthplace of modern civilization: Greece.  History unfolds at every turn. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, Hadrian’s Gate, Mount Olympus --- the list goes on.  Athens, the Apollo Coast, Cape Sounion and over 2000 Greek Isles offer an adventure that that will appeal to the most seasoned travelers.

There is no other destination that can compare with the eternal beauty of Greece.  With an extensive array of city hotels, island resorts, cruising options, and a new airport, Greece has the modern infrastructure that will add to your program’s success.

Discover, explore and experience all that is Greece with the country’s most respected destination management company as your host.  We create tailor-made incentive programs that exceed your requirements using all of Greece as a backdrop with innovative events to reward your top achievers. 

Your participants will enjoy a dazzling Greece: cities, islands, or countryside villages with unique programs and motivational activities influenced by Greece’s classical heritage and the modern, up- to-date post-Olympics Athens.

Our partner is one of Athens largest dedicated professional teams providing destination management services of the highest standards with outstanding value for money.  The staff collectively has over 100 years of experience and is a motivated, multilingual, multicultural team.  It has the resources and understanding of local business customs, attitudes and idiosyncrasies that enable easy interfacing between clients and local suppliers.  This DMC is competitive and efficient with a proven ability to be flexible, adaptable and refreshingly open when working with clients and suppliers.  Services include:

  • A reliable partner that knows the value of a swift response with innovative ideas for dynamic programs
  • Technologically advanced in-house support for precision logistics, operations, registration and accounting to insure a trouble free event
  • Multilingual staff experienced in all aspects of group travel for personalized service
  • An extensive network of award winning supplier partners including a dedicated motor coach fleet
  • Highly competitive volume discounted rates to meet budget guidelines
Professional delivery of every arrangement for guaranteed satisfaction
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